Growing From Seed or Laying Turf, Which is Better?



Growing From Seed or Laying Turf, Which is Better?

When creating the perfect lawn, you may be torn between growing from seed or laying turf. For a lot of people researching turf supplies in Sydney, the question of which method might be best for their lawn is one worth considering.

As with most things in life, both methods have pros and cons, so the only way to make the best decision is to consider it from all angles.

Of course, as a premier lawn supplier, Sydney service, you would rightfully consider us heavily biased in favour of turf. It’s true; we love turf and think it’s the best and fastest way to create a lawn you can start enjoying much quicker than other methods.  Read on to find out all the advantages and disadvantages of turf versus seed.

Growing From Seed – Pros and Cons

You have many options when going the seed route, but throwing down seed is a waiting game no matter what you go with. There are advantages to using seed versus turf, but there are also a few drawbacks worth considering.

Grass Seed Cons

Laying grass seeds costs less but takes more time. You can get a lush green lawn much sooner with turf, but you will pay more for the convenience.

Creating lawns from seed has a few inherent challenges. For starters, which seed mix do you buy? There’s an overwhelming variety to make your decision extremely difficult.

Lay your seed in summer, and you risk a summer storm washing your soil and seed down the drain. Put it down during winter, and you have missed the primary growing season for grass. Your germination could be patchy, with some areas of your lawn doing better than others.

Birds will view your freshly laid grass seed as a convenient food source, but birds aren’t your only animal problem. Cats also like to use the soft soil as a place to do their business.

If you manage to avoid the above problems, you will eventually have a lush green lawn you can enjoy, but expect the wait to be around 6 to 12 months.

Grass Seed Pros

The most significant advantage of seed is that it costs less than turf. Plus, once you have your topsoil down, throwing down seed is far less labour intensive than laying turf. When your lawn has finally come in thick and green, a small stockpile of seed makes repairing bare patches quick and simple.

Create a Lawn from Turf – Pros and Cons

Turf delivered by a lawn supplier, Sydney provider, is the quickest route to creating a yard of soft green grass in a short amount of time, but examining the pros and cons is the best way to make an informed choice.

Turf Cons

There’s a lot to love about turf, but there are a few challenges to laying it. You don’t have much time from delivery to get your turf down. It goes bad fast, so you will need to get it down on the same day of delivery.

If you are doing your own turf laying, expect hours of back-breaking and dirty labour, which is tough if you’re not used to it. Once your lawn is safely on the ground, you will need to be diligent about watering it while it gets established, but that’s true of any type of lawn.

Turf Pros

As mentioned, you can create a usable lawn much faster with turf.  It can be as simple as calling up a turf supplies Sydney provide and having your new lawn delivered.

You can lay the lawn yourself, but a lawn supplier, Sydney distributor, can include installation as a part of the service. Turf is heavy, and there’s a lot of lifting and bending, so this is good news if you aren’t physically able to lay the turf yourself.

Birds can’t make off with your investment with turf, and there’s no risk of patchy areas because your turf supplies, Sydney provider has made sure the grass grows evenly. Your yard will be nice and green from day one, and you will be able to use your new lawn in as little as 3 to 6 weeks, rather than the months you will wait for grass seed to grow in. 

As you can see, turf delivers significant advantages over grass seed that make it the superior choice. If you want to create the perfect lawn without the risks and the lengthy waiting time, call our lawn supplies Sydney service today to explore your options.

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